Mixed Signal Ocilloscopes (MSO)

MSO Oscilloscope

Mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSO) are digital oscilloscopes that have a larger number of channels for viewing both analog and digital signals together. MSO scopes typically have two to four analog channels with 8 bits (or more) of vertical resolution. In addition, there are usually 16 digital channels, but they typically have only 1 bit of vertical resolution.

In today's digital world, a traditional 2-channel or 4-channel oscilloscope may not be enough to view all signals of interest. A mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) eliminates the need for a combined logic analyzer / oscillopcope solution or special software to isolate activity.

Oscium MSO Oscilloscope

The Oscium is a modular mixed-signal oscilloscope designed to plug into the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad, which serves as the scope display.

MSO Oscilloscope